Knowledge is power! The more information you gather at the scene of a crime, the better equipped we will be to assist you. Help us make this community a safer place for all its residents!

Pay attention to details for inclusion in your police report. The list below includes all the information you should try to collect if you are a witness to, or a victim of a crime.

TIP: Although police reports can be filed at the police station 24 hours a day, the police dept. encourages people to come at the following times, as they are able to offer the best customer service then. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 9–11am and 6–8pm (There will also be Police representation at the CHJCC from 11am to 4pm Tuesday through Friday.)

Details of Crime
Date, time and exact location of incident
(Note easily recognizable buildings or cross-streets that could help pinpoint the location.)
Description of the incident
(Physical contact, shouted slurs, threats, weapons, attempted and/or successful robbery of possessions.)
Method of perpetrator/s flight
(On foot, bikes or in a vehicle?)
Vehicle description
(Color/make/license plate number.)
Direction in which perpetrator/s fled.

Description of Perpetrator/s
Race (Caucasian/Black/Hispanic/Other)
Sex (Male or Female)
Height (Short/average/tall)
Weight (Thin/burly/heavy)
Hair (Bald/shaved head/long/straight/dyed/dreadlocks)
Facial hair (Mustache/goatee/beard/stubble)
Clothing (Layers/colors/emblems/words/slogans)
Hat (Type/color/logo)
Shoes (Type/color)
Body markings (Scars/tattoos)
Glasses and Jewelry (Earrings/necklace/rings/watch)

Victim’s Information
Phone number
Witness Information
Phone number

Police Response
Were the police called?
Who called them?
At what time?
How long did it take for police to arrive?
What were the responding officers’ names?
What was/were the police car number/s?
What were the responding officers’ badge numbers?

Police Report
Date of report
Recording officer’s name
Recording officer’s badge number
Police report number (if available)
Were the police helpful?
Were the police respectful?
Was evidence collected?
By whom?

Community Patrol Response
Were Shmira or Shomrim called?
How long did it take for a volunteer patrol member to arrive?
Were they helpful?